Message from the Founder and 

Executive Director

My Dear Friends:

​Over the years many have asked me, who was Helen? She was my Grandmother who raised me. Who told me "to help make the world better you have to do something." She was an example of love, compassion, and always reached out to others in need.   

You our donors have done just that. We are so grateful for the support we have had from you. I have witnessed first hand the results of your generous donations to help us assist our Grandmothers and orphan children in Winneba, Ghana, West Africa, to the many villages in rural Kenya, such as Nandi; Chepkunyuk and surrounding villages; Kapkugerwet; Fort-Ternan; Kejiriet; Soin; Bomet; Kipsitet; and the orphan home in Kericho. 

In Winneba, Ghana Grandmother Sophia has continued with her firewood business! Today we celebrate our Micro-lending project for five Grandmothers who have begun their own business from selling smoked fish, roasted plantain, groundnuts, red-red(beans in a delicious red sauce) and Iced Kenkey and water. They have successfully begun repaying their loans, and participate in business training. They are able to pay school fees, to purchase health insurance, medicine, food and clothing.

We are on our way!  Building the Women's Center/Hostel which will provide a safe haven and place of business for our Grandmothers, who walk or ride for hours will see their dream come true! Thank you for all who supported us during the GlobalGiving September Open Door Challenge to raise $5000 from at least 40 donors. We were able to surpass the $5000 mark with $6.685 and 61 unique donations! You did It! We are now on! as a permanent partner.
Please see our events page for more information about our project "Build A Women's Center for 150 Kenyan Grandmothers" You can continue to make make your donation to this project.

​I ask that you continue to pray for us, our country partners, Grandmothers and orphan children we strive to serve. 

On the behalf of our Board of Directors, I thank you so much for joining us in this effort!


Dr. Dale L. Johnson

Mission ​Statement


Donation of $500.00 made in November 2011 to the following projects:
  • Kapkugerwet Project
  • Soin Project
  • Fort-Ternan Project 
  • Chepkunyuk Project
  • Nandi Project
  • Kids Home in Kericho
  • Food for Grandmothers
  • Transportation

Testimonials from Kenya and Ghana
  • GlobalGiving September Open Door Challenge you help us to succeed! $6,685 raised towards our Build a Women's Center for 150 Kenyan Grandmothers.
  • $1,066.50 donated by the Episcopal Church to the Micro-Lending Project in Ghana in honor of Board member Dorothy White.   

Project Updates

Helen Project International, Inc. is a non-profit  501 (c) (3) organization in the Commonwealth of The Virginia. Our mission is to financially assist African Grandmothers living in Kenya, South Africa and Ghana who are raising orphan children infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. 

Our Vision

It is our commitment to these Grandmothers and orphan children, upon which our faith rests in knowing that God will provide what is needed.

"Faith is being ... certain of what we do not see"

Hebrews 11:1

Grandmother Sophia's Firewood Business in Winneba, Ghana, West Africa.