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Growing up I would often see my Grandfather with the assistance of others putting up a chain link fence or one which was made from chicken wire, around the perimeter of our garden. The manufacturing of this kind of fencing was designed to closely connect each part of that fence, so that there would be stability and reinforcem ent. I use this illustration of a fence to allow you to understand how linking together as Grandmothers helps our Grandmothers in Africa become stronger in their communities and especially their families. ‘Link to Link’ brings success. There is a scripture passage in Nehemiah 4:6 which speaks of the following;

“Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, working together is success.”

When this happens in our communities here in America with women who have, a strong passion to link with others this is a linkage of beginnings=progress=success. You begin as I did over twenty years to see with different lenses people as not “they” anymore, but partners, friends, and family.

‘Link to Link’ as Executive Director this is my mission to carry through with other Grandmothers like myself to see a brighter future for our sisters. Their stories will move you to sometimes cry, laugh or pray. Grandmothers sharing stories with me because of a bond of trust.

Developing a trust relationship allows for many to experience positive changes in their lives. The adage “if we do not trust you, we will not believe that you can make me better” Is true. As an organization we cannot just “show Up” and leave nothing behind to develop a relationship of trust. As Grandmothers we cannot just show up

without reaching out.

The testaments from our field project managers echo our sentiments of how important linking together is for our Grandmothers in Africa. “The projects initiated in Kenya have been those of selflessness and pure passion towards empowering the people of Kenya. However far we have come, the road up ahead is still long. I would like to encourage us all to engage our thoughts, search our hearts and ready our hands towards achieving the best versions of ourselves before the Lord. Only then will we be able to serve humanity for its own betterment.”

Florence Cheruiyot, Kenya Project Manager

“In spite of all the challenges the future is bright and the potentials are enormous. Let us all join hands and work assiduously to help these grandmothers to be better off materially and more in control of their own destiny.”

Ernestina Yawson, Project Manager Winneba, Ghana

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