Partnership A Key to Success

In the fall of 2011 Reverend Kelvin Mattox was given a shared vision to build a Women's Center and Hostel in Kipsitet, Kenya. This plot of land sits in the midst of a beautiful rural setting. However, to some it may appear as if it is centered in the middle of nowhere. Yet, sights and sounds of crowded busy minibuses (matatu), motor bikes and people walking along the road tells a different story. Kipsitet which is located in the Soin District depicts a rural Kenyan scenery where many travel long distances on a road which stretches from Kisumu to Kericho and beyond.

This plot of land houses a Clinic and Baptist Church which was built through the partnership of the Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention churches and other donors. Today the Clinic serves many who are in need of medical care. The church provides spiritual care as well as information to empower the women, through workshops and ministry to assist them in their respective villages.

By working together as a community of stakeholders more can be done to assist others to become empowered and to have a sustainable livelihood. This is true as you will see in the pictures below.

The roof is now partially on and more is being done to keep the building a safe structure. Because of the abundance of rainfall which has caused a build up of moisture in several areas of the building damage has been done. One major area has been the steps leading up to the second floor. Project Manager Sister Florence said the concrete steps will be repaired in the upcoming months. The rain has had an impact on the progress towards completion which has slowed down the workers. There is still more to do towards completion, but we are grateful to all who have donated over the many years. Asante Sana! Thank you very much!

Sis Florence, Grandmother Esther Tele and Jane


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